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Barbara onboarding Tutorial – Chapter 1: Introduction

This tutorial will guide you through the deployment of example and custom Edge apps to your Edge Nodes.

You will learn:

  • How to deploy Docker applications to Edge Devices, using the Docker App “CARDS”. Barbara Panel GUI is based on the concept of Cards, which are Widgets the user can move throught the panel dashboard.
  • How to configure “CREDENTIALS” and “SECRETS”, which are privacy protected Edge Node variables such as user or passwords that can be accessed later on by the Edge apps.
  • How to to check the app status (BUILDING, RUNNING, WAITING…, STOPPED) and logs of the application in the application card
  • How to configure and access the local and global “APP CONFIG”, which are JSON config files that applications can read dynamically during run time. The difference between SECRETS and APP-CONFIGs is that SECRETS is a hidden and privacy protected database, while APP-CONFIG is generally accessible by users. When using your own apps, you should add to SECRETS all sensitive information (such as user, passwords, etc) and APP-CONFIG for non sensitive ones (such as IP, ports, etc). There is one global app config that can be used for shared information across apps, and a local app config that can be used for individual app data.
  • How to package your own Docker apps to be deployed at the Edge using Barbara

IMPORTANT NOTE: The example apps that are included in your starter kit have to be deployed in the order that are described in this document. Please follow carefully and in order all the steps.

Before you start, if you haven’t done so, you will need to configure at least one Edge Device into your Barbara Panel instance. To do so, just follow our First Steps section. 

Once you are done and you can control at least one Edge Device from Barbara Panel, you are ready to start deploying apps to your Edge Device.

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