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Barbara onboarding Tutorial – Chapter 2.3: The data base, Influx DB

This app is a time series database that will allow you to store the information provided by the Industrial Data simulator (or by the actual Industrial Devices being monitored in case you connect one). 

Configuring the Secrets

For the InfluxDB app to work you need to configure a few Secrets as follows:

  • Click the “Advanced Options” icon in the top menu
  • Click the “Add Secret” button and add the following secrets:

You can add them manually one by one, or in bulk importing a TXT file. For your convenience we have compiled that list of secrets on the following TXT file. Just download it and import it through the “TXT FILE” button

Installing the InfluxDB app

This app is preloaded by default in the Barbara Platform, you just need to install it in your Edge Device by following these steps:

  • Click the ADD CARD button and choose the “User Docker App” option
  • Select the “InfluxDB” app from the list of apps and pick the latest existing version. Click SEND button

In a few seconds you should see that the app is up and running

While the app is running, you can access the influx database GUI through a web interface by typing the following route in a web browser {IP_DEVICE}:8086, where “{IP_DEVICE}” is your Edge Device’s IP address that you would see in the NETWORK STATUS section of the GENERAL INFO card

You will be able to login into the Influx DB Dashboard by using the DOCKER_INFLUXDB_INIT_USERNAME and DOCKER_INFLUXDB_INIT_PASSWORD previously added in the SECRETS file.

For additional information about how to use an Influx database you can visit https://docs.influxdata.com/ 

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