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Barbara onboarding Tutorial – Chapter 2: The App Starter Kit

We have prepared a basic set of already-developed apps so you can start quickly testing your Edge apps in a ready-to-use environment. This set of apps conform a typical Edge setup scenario for data Edge data acquisition, storage and visualization, and can be downloaded directly from Barbara Marketplace. It includes the following: 

  1. An MQTT Broker: Is very typical to have an internal data broker within an Edge Device, because this allow inter-communication among different apps. The MQTT broker will be in charge of coordinating the communications among the different elements of your Edge deployment. MQTT works with a “publish-subscribe” paradigm allowing the apps to share and exchange data among them. 
  2. An Industrial data connector simulator: This app simulates the behaviour that Barbara Data Connectors have (e.g. a Modbus or a OPC-UA Connector). By using this app, you won’t need to have a real Industrial device connected to your Edge Device while testing. This Industrial Data Simulator generates random data and publishes through an MQTT Broker. It can also simulate writing operations in a Modbus registry by receiving data sent to a specific topic in the MQTT Broker. 
  3. A Data Base (InfluxDB): This time series database will allow you to store the information provided by the Industrial Data simulator (or by the actual Industrial Devices being monitored in case you connect one).
  4. An Ingestor (for InfluxDB): This app is the one responsible of communicating the MQTT Broker with the data base.
  5. A visual dashboard for data (Grafana): This app will get the information stored in the database and will present it visually.

To install these apps you first get them (they are free) at https://market.barbaraiot.com. Once added to your library, browse to https://panel.barbaraiot.com and, in the Device List, select your edge device (make sure it’s Online)

Now you can proceed with the installation of each app.

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