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Barbara Platform Compatible Devices

The current set of nodes supported by Barbara have a hardware architecture from the x86_64, armv6, armv7 or aarch64 (arm64) families, although the Barbara team and its partners are progressively adding new models of equipment from different manufacturers. The decision to use one node or another will depend mainly on the communications and power required for the specific use case.

S Family: Small Gateways

Affordable and efficient

Based on ARM processors with or without graphics acceleration.

M Family: Medium-sized Gateways

Good balance for non-demanding aplications

Based on Atom/Celeron processors with or without graphics acceleration.

L Family: Large Gateways

Power and performance

Based on i3/i5/i7 processors with or without graphics

XL Family: Extra Large Servers

Maximum power and durability

Based on i9/Xeon processors with or without graphic acceleration.

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