Edge node configuration

Customize your edge node and adjust the settings according to your needs.

Access the “Device Details” view in Barbara PANEL

From the “Device List” view, press your device information row to access the “Device Details” view.

Check that this view has different cards, each one providing information and commands about several functionalities of the edge node.

You can expand/collapse them. You can also drag them to another position according to your needs. PANEL will save your preferences automatically to show the same layout the next time you access to the platform.

Let’s start using the first card: DEVICE INFORMATION.

In the card “DEVICE INFORMATION” general information about the device is provided:

  2. TELEMETRY Information.
  3. NETWORK STATUS and settings.

Let’s continue by setting the physical location of the device.

Configure edge node Location

In the “DEVICE INFORMATION” Card, press the “pencil” icon to edit the location. A new window will appear with a map and an input. Write the correct address or enter a GPS coordinate to change the position and press “SAVE”.

Once done, you can check the GPS coordinate of the edge node in the Location Section of the “DEVICE INFORMATION” Card.

Configure telemetry settings

In the “DEVICE INFORMATION” Card, go to the “Telemetry” section and press the “settings” icon that appears on the upper right side.

Here you can set the “Telemetry Interval”. This parameter is the time interval (in seconds) in which the edge node will send telemetry to the system. By default, this interval is set to 4 minutes.

Network settings

In the “DEVICE INFORMATION” card we also have the “Network Settings Section”.

As you can see in the previous image, in this section appears all interfaces detected in the edge node. For each one it indicates:

  1. The name of the interface.
  2. The type of the interface (WIFI, ETHERNET, MOBILE) according to the icon shown.
  3. The status of the interface (CONNECTED – GREEN, DISCONNECTED – BLACK)
  4. The IP assigned to the interface in case it is connected.
  5. For WIFI Networks, the icon also shows the RSSI level of the received signal.

To set the connection settings of an interface, just press its icon. For example, to adjust the WIFI connection settings, press the WIFI interface icon and a new modal will appear.

Just enter your WIFI settings and press SAVE CHANGES to apply.

Change edge node Image

In “Device Details” view, press the round red button with a pencil icon that appears in the upper right side of the view.

Then, the “Edit Device” menu will appear from the right side.

To change the edge node image, just press the “CHANGE IMAGE” button. In the “CHANGE IMAGE” window, just select a new image from your computer, adjust it (change size, crop area, etc.) and press OK.

Change edge node tags

Tags are simple string labels that allow classifying edge nodes. Multiple tags may be assigned to an edge node.

Go again to the “Edit Device” lateral menu and write some text in the “TAG” input form. Then you can press “RETURN” on your keyboard or press de button “ADD” to add the tag to the device.

Manage edge node assets

Assets are just documents, images, etc. that are linked to an edge node for any reason. You can put here any kind of information about the installation of the device, pictures, schemas, etc.

The Assets Management area is just a repository of documentation related to this edge node to store files and download them when necessary.

You can upload, download and delete documents of different formats:

  1. Images: PNG, JPEG, TIFF, BMP
  2. Documents: PDF, TXT, WORD, EXCEL, JSON
  4. Compressed files: ZIP

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