Edge node management

Commands to manage the life cycle of the device.

In this section, we will describe the different operational commands that can be sent to an edge node from the Manage Device lateral menu. This menu is accessible by pressing the button with the “gear” icon located on top of the Device Details view.

When you press the button, the “Device Management” lateral menu is shown with several commands to send.

Reboot Command

This command will reboot the device.

Your edge node will lose connectivity during the rebooting process. It will not be online again until it powers on completely.

Activate/Deactivate Command

Depending on the state of your device you will see one option or another. Possible states are:

  1. Deactivated: Your edge node is registered in Barbara Panel but still cannot be used. It has no applications or configuration loaded, nor security certificates necessary for regular use.
  2. Active: Your edge node is registered and in normal use mode. It may have applications loaded, different types of configuration, etc.

Activation can be automatically done when registering, check available options in the “New device” view.

Deactivating an edge node makes a “factory reset” on it, so any configuration/application uploaded by the user will be lost. You will also lose all information stored in Barbara Panel about that device (logs, telemetries, etc).

Delete Command

Delete command deactivates the edge node and unregisters it from Barbara PANEL.

By deleting an edge node you will lose all information stored in Barbara Panel and all configurations, applications, etc. uploaded to your device.

Shut Down Command

Power OFF the device.

This command implies a physical manual action to power it ON again.

Wipe & Brick Command

This command destroys any information stored in the edge node. It is a security command against possible physical theft or devices at risk.

The edge node-related information (telemetries, logs, configurations, etc.) will be available in Barbara Panel until the edge node is finally deleted.

This command implies a physical manual action to reinstall it once the risk is gone.

Next Steps

In the following sections, we will see how to upload an application (docker or native) to Barbara Panel and make it available to be deployed to all your edge nodes.

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