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Native Application Development

Golang Applications

GO applications need to be cross-compiled before being loaded in Barbara OS.

In order to cross-compile an application:

Download and install GO

Follow the instructions on golang site: https://golang.org/doc/install

Write the code or download the example

  1. Barbara Golang Example: send logs periodically to Barbara Panel. This application receives some configuration parameters from local App Config.

Cross-compile the application

Execute the command build.sh indicating the board you are compiling for. Put one of the following values:

  1. Raspberry PI Zero: .build.sh armv6
  2. Raspberry PI 3: .build.sh armv7
  3. Raspberry PI4 (64 bits): .build.sh aarch64
  4. PC: .build.sh x86_64

That generates a ZIP file if the build is correct, or an error log if it isn’t.

The returned ZIP file is the one that can be deployed to the device using Barbara Panel (see AppManagement section).

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