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Network Management

Network access management is a critical feature for edge node deployment. With Barbara Panel you can manage everything remotely in an easy way.

A network connection is critical in an edge node deployment. In this section, we will proceed to check the network information shown in Barbara Panel and to adjust settings for all the network interfaces available in your node.


To monitor and adjust everything related to your networks connectivity, you have the NETWORKING card

The number and types of interfaces in this section depend on your device. We can find one or more interfaces of types WIFI, ETHERNET, and MOBILE, depending on your device’s hardware.

As you can see in the previous image, in this section appear all interfaces detected in the edge node. For each one it indicates:

  1. The name of the interface.
  2. The type of the interface (WIFI, ETHERNET, MOBILE) according to the icon shown.
  3. The status of the interface (CONNECTED – green, OFFLINE – gray)
  4. The IP assigned to the interface in case it is connected.
  5. For WIFI Networks, the icon also shows the RSSI level of the received signal.

Modifying your settings

To set the connection settings of an interface, just press the pencil icon on its right. For example, to adjust the WIFI connection settings, press pencil icon on its right and a new modal will appear.

Just enter your WIFI settings and press SAVE CHANGES to apply.

Be careful when modifying your active network interface. In case you enter an erroneous configuration your device may go offline and it may need manual access to adjust it again.


In the NETWORKING card, right on the bottom, after all your network interfaces you will see a toggle to enable or disable your VPN connection (in case it’s available in your current plan)

In the following section, we will check how to activate a VPN and establish a connection securely.

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