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Register and activate your edge node

Before we can use an edge node in Barbara Panel, we need to register and activate it.


To register the device we need:

  1. A device with Barbara OS installed, powered ON and connected to the internet.
  2. The Barbara Id of the device.


Go to Device Details view in Barbara Panel: https://app.barbaraiot.com/devices/devices-list and press the button “NEW DEVICE”:

Then enter the following information:

  1. ID: Copy here the Barbara ID of the device.
  2. NAME: Put a descriptive field on the edge node. For example, we will use “DEMO EDGE NODE”.
  3. GROUP: Groups allow the management of multiple devices in parallel. Not mandatory in this step.
  4. FAMILY: Choose between Barbara OS or Yocto, depending on the OS you have installed in your device
  5. TAGS: Tags are used to classify devices. Not mandatory in this step.
  6. CHECK the option “Automatically provision this device” to activate it automatically after registering.

Then, just press the button CREATE DEVICE.

Once the device is registered, it will appear in the device list view, but it will appear as “OFFLINE” (not connected) and the status will be “ACTIVATION SENT”.

The edge node will reboot in the activation process so it will take some more minutes (up to 10) until the device finally appears as “ONLINE” (connected) and with STATUS (Activated).

Next steps

Once our device is activated, we will check its details and change its network configuration if necessary.

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