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Edge node Telemetry Monitoring

Once our edge node is deployed, we need to monitor its health to prevent potential problems and perform predictive maintenance.

Barbara Panel allows you to check the “health” of all your nodes already provisioned. You can do this through 2 different cards:

  • The TELEMETRY card, and
  • The ANALYTICS card


The TELEMETRY card displays real time information that is updated as frequently as you set in the Interval box.

By default, an edge node sends telemetries periodically every 4 minutes.

The parameters monitored in this card are:

  1. Temperature
  2. System Load
  3. RAM Usage
  4. Disk Usage

In addition, the card also displays the level of consumption for each of the processes running on your node.


To make it easier for you to check the evolution over time of the parameters that represent the health of your edge node, you can use the ANALYTICS card. Here you can select the parameter to analyze, the time period to analyze (relative to the present time or absolute by specifying a time range), and even customize the measurement for specific processes.

On this card, you can review the following parameters:

  • Temperature: CPU temperature in ºC reported by your node
  • RAM: degree of consumption of the node’s RAM memory
  • DISK: degree of occupation of your node’s storage memory
  • System Load: level (in %) of overall workload on your node’s system
  • CPU: level (in %) of workload on your node’s system for each active process
  • Files: number of files each process has open.

Next steps: Configuring the network

In the following section, we will proceed to adjust network parameters using Barbara Panel.

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